Cupcakes, chaos, cats and why I hate big ass pick-up trucks

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This post really has nothing to do with cupcakes. I just think this picture of a cupcake is really awesome.

You may have noticed that my last post was before Christmas. The one where I hit a deer and totaled my car? Yup. So much for good intentions.  Anyway, quick catch-up, I got a new car. It’s a silver Subaru Forester and it almost drives itself, it’s so cool, I love it.  Except I had a tiny accident this morning while driving through our campus parking lot.  It’s too hard to explain how it happened but I emphatically believe that it was not my fault nor was it the other lady’s fault, it was the big-ass pick-up truck parked carelessly at the end of the lane that completely blinded us from seeing eachother until it was too late. Seriously, who ever parked it decided to get all fancy and backed it into the space instead of just parking the normal way so the largest most obnoxious part of the truck was sticking way out. Anyway, that’s my story, I’m sticking to it.  Luckily no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. It’s just… it’s my new car. :-/

Operation House Fixer Upper has started.  I’ve repainted my living room and part of my kitchen a Sherwin Williams Sea Salt grey. I love the color.  The hardest part about painting has been my kitten.  I’d like to say my kitten is just cute and curious, but the truth is she struggles a lot with what my friend accurately described as “extremely poor judgement”.  Especially with things that involve heat. She sniffs the iron when it’s hot, walks across the kitchen stove when it’s on and sits on lit candles catching her tail on fire, she’s just nuts.  Anyway, she knocked over the paint canister twice this week, the second time she pretty much dived into it and was almost entirely covered in paint.  I gave her a bath in the sink but if you’ve ever tried to give a feline a bath then you probably know how well that went.  I ended up cutting chunks of her hair off because it was just impossible to wash all of it out.

I also bought a rug, an accent chair and curtains for the living room. Yes, an accent chair.  Nobody ever really sits on the accent chair.  Except maybe the kitten but like I said, she has poor judgement and doesn’t understand that an accent chair isn’t meant for sittin’ on, it’s meant for lookin’ at.   So that’s what we do, we look at it and the pretty flower pillow that accents the accent chair.  I also got serious about the curtains.  I bought two kinds of curtains.  A lacy set for the center and a solid beige set to hang at the sides. As an accent. Yup.  I’m accenting all the things now, I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a whole new level of adulting.

Now that I have a car that syncs to my phone, I’ve started listening to a whole bunch of podcasts.  I have a thing for unsolved crime and mysterious in general.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Atlanta Monster 

A little morbid, it involves a series of child murders that happened in Atlanta in the early 80s.  I would make sure you’re in a pretty good mood before listening to an episode, it can leave you with a dark feeling. But it’s really well done, it’s produced by the same folks who did Up and Vanished which is another popular true crime podcast.

West Cork 

This one is about a young french woman who was brutally murdered outside her holidy cottage in West Cork.  I really like how the producers approached their investigation, you can really get a sense of how this tragic event effected the whole town, how rumors spread and people turned against each other.

S Town 

This isn’t really a true crime podcast although there is definitely mystery and intrigue. I loved this podcast most for the storytelling and it was just really unique all around.

My son and I have plans this weekend to plant herbs.  He’s decided he wants to own a spice shop like Monroe and Rosalee in Grimm so we’re going to try to grow medicinal herbs.  We have some chamomile, mint, lavendar and few others.  I am not very good at keeping plants alive and my son still has a hard time remembering to keep his glasses on all day so between the two of us we’ll probably forget to water them and this whole endeavor will fail. But let’s think positive.




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I hit a deer last week. We collided on a country road, in the dark on a day we had been having our first real winter storm for the season.  I was driving through an area notorious for deer but I was more focused on keeping my car centered on the slippery road and by the time I saw him it was too late.  I thought I had killed him for sure.  The impact just felt too strong. He bounced off my hood, against my window shield and then off into the middle of the road where he lay completely still.  I pulled off to the side, hit my hazard lights and called 911.  I felt like a complete idiot because the first thing the operater asked me was the location of my emergency and I couldn’t answer her.  I’ve lived here almost ten years and I still can’t remember the names of the county routes I regularly drive on. After listing off a series of landmarks she’d figured it out. Stay put ma’am, someone will be out there soon. I hung up promising myself that I would stay put, right after I stepped out to take a look at the kind of damage I was dealing with. It was hard to tell in the dark, one headlight was out and the front of my car just looked crushed.  Should I call for a ride or risk driving the car home with one headlight? It was then I realized that the deer wasn’t in the middle of the road anymore.  Apparently, this is what deer do.  They get hit by humans driving metal monsters.  They almost die but don’t. Instead, they walk off into the trees where they die alone in agony. Because the hell if I’m going to die in front of you human, you’re the reason this road obstructs my path to food in winter anyway.

I dreamt about that deer that night.  I realize people hunt deer. Animals eat them.  Deer will die like everything else in this world.  I just hate the idea that I was responsible for that, especially in the most horrible unnatural way of getting hit by a car.

The car is most likely totaled.  It’s a 2007 Hyundai that’s only worth $3000 so I don’t see my insurance company volunteering to pay for repairs on something so old.  When I got that car my son was still in a toddler car seat.  It’s traveled all the way here from Oklahoma, it’s been driven through a good many lake effect snow falls, traveled all over New York for various library conferences and even survived a divorce.  But it’s just a car, it’s not a deer.  I didn’t cry over the car like I did the deer.  However, I did swear at it a couple of times.

Winter has definitely arrived.  We will be getting a white Christmas this year after all.  We bought and decorated our tree over the weekend and I am suprisingly, almost done with gift shopping.


I’ll be brief

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I’m not sure where to start with a blog that has gone so dormant. Maybe we should start with some bullet points.

  • Our fur family has grown. We have a an almost 5 month old kitten. His name was Neville but then we found out he was actually a she, which I hear is a very common mistake in the feline world, so we renamed her Luna. Because, you know, Harry Potter and stuff.
  • My son started 6th grade this past fall.  I think he enjoys the pace and variety that middle school seems to offer.  He plays the saxaphone in the school band and very recently started Taekwondo lessons.  I think he may have found a life passion in the latter.
  • I’ve decided I want to repaint my living room and kitchen. Again. Probably also my bedroom.  In fact, I have a number of home projects in the works, including a serious purge of household items.  Because who really needs five spatulas and eight tank tops of the same style but different color. Don’t even get me started on my son’s arsenal of nerf guns and other toy weaponry. Seriously.
  • Work has been kicking my ass from six different directions.  The pace seems to be slowing down a bit.  I’m finally getting daily to-do lists done on the day-of as opposed to four days later.  I’m actually waiting on other people to do stuff rather than them waiting on me.  Regardless, I am still tired.  All the time.  In fact, it feels like I will never stop being tired. Ever. I’m either experiencing a migraine or on the verge of having one.  My spine feels twisted and there is something resembling a cinder block sitting in the pit of my stomach.  It makes it hard to breath at times, not to mention executing movement from one destination to the next.  I am, like pretty much everyone else in my Facebook newsfeed right now, burned out and in serious need of a vacation.
  • There are good things to look forward to. Christmas festivities to be had, family and friends to share it with, and 11 days until Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theatres.

That’s all for now.  I might blog again later.

Or maybe again next year.

Let’s just take it a day at a time.



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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about seasonal traditions, how we’ve incorporated the one’s I grew up with and added new as we went along. For instance, apple picking has become a regular thing for us in October.  I never knew this was a thing until I met my sons father who grew-up in central New York where there are apple trees growing in backyards and orchards all around.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I’m not sure why, I’ve just always looked back childhood Christmas with fondness.  I can’t really remember ever having a bad Christmas at all.  It was also the only holiday that we celebrated consistently every year (I pretty much stopped trick-o-treating when I was about nine and Thanksgiving wasn’t really a thing in our family).  Christmas was that one tradition that I remember having any kind of real anticipation attached to it. There was turkey, mom’s gravy, my dad’s southern styled potato salad (lots of pickle juice, lots of mayo, a little bit of mustard), sometimes extended family would visit.  We would also dress-up. Like, really dress-up as in fancy dinner suit/tie, dressy dress type of stuff.  In fact, it was pretty much the only day of the year we would all be in the same room wearing fancy stuff. Then there were the traditional Christmas themed movies to watch. Although this didn’t really become a thing for me until I moved to the states right before I started high school.  A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story were probably my favorites.

I’m glad that Liam gets to experience Christmas in much the same way I did. There’s something very comforting about sharing those same traditions. Although he doesn’t really like my dad’s potato salad very much, he is a huge fan of my mom’s gravy.  He also loves A Muppet’s Christmas Carol as much as I do but has never really likes A Christmas Story.  He was about seven when he watched it for the first time and he seemed to find the scene with the neighborhood bully, Scut Farkas, to be a little disturbing.

Liam and I have slowly added new traditions as the years of have gone by.  I usually always buy him a Christmas themed book every year. This year I bought him The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburgh.  This was partly to coincide with a trip we took this past weekend to Utica where we actually caught The Polar Express Train Ride :-). The train ride is provided by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Company. The kids had a great time riding in a vintage train.  It was dark outside so they weren’t able to see much of the scenery but that didn’t seem to matter.  There was plenty going on inside the train.  The Coco chef’s served up cookies and hot chocolate while everyone listened to the audio book. Then we stopped at the North Pole (otherwise known as Holland Patent) and Santa boarded the train. He spent time talking to each child as we rode the train back to Utica.  By the time we got back, the snow was really coming down and everything around us looked and felt so Christmas-y.


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