Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Carleen and I’m an academic librarian specializing in information literacy instruction, student learning assessment, and open educational resources. I currently work as the Information Literacy Instruction Coordinator for the University of Houston-Downtown.  I’m passionate about my role as an information maven and I believe strongly in the role of libraries as the center for self-learning and enlightenment.  

About this blog

I started my first blog in 2004 around the same time I entered grad school for my MLIS.  It was a golden time for blogging, especially for librarians. It was a perfect way for us to share ideas and come up with catchy buzzwords like Library 2.0.  Fourteen years later blogs are on a decline, hardly anyone seems to have time to read or write them anymore. So why start one now?  I want to start engaging online with more intention.  To think more carefully about what I choose to share and how I choose to express it.  Twitter and Facebook are great for many things but I find myself mindlessly sharing and retweeting before I’ve properly absorbed the information.  As a result, I feel like my brain is full of a lot of broken thoughts without a proper way to apply any of it.  Blogging requires more consideration.  Although most of my posts will focus on library-related topics, I don’t intend to separate my professional life from my personal since one will often overlap with the other. So don’t be surprised if you come across a post here and there, peppered with pictures and stories about parenting, traveling, hobbies, health and other general interests.