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Using Padlet in a One-Shot Instruction

I’ve recently started using Padlet in my one-shots as a way for students to collaboratively brainstorm keyword combinations.  Since all the students have their own desktop or laptop to work from, they can all contribute to the Padlet and see what everyone else is adding at the same time.  I like using it as a tool.  The students are often a little apprehensive at first but once they double click on the Padlet and see how easy it is to add a note the activity continues to go quite well.

I’ve used a white board for this activity in the past but it was often hard to get students to speak-up with any suggestions.  I imagine this is a common issue in one-shots.  Students may be comfortable contributing to discussion in their own classroom, but once there in the library with me they’re in a new place with a new face for an instructor.  It can be hard to break through that first time meeting awkwardness.  I normally wouldn’t get more than one or two students to raise their hand and suggest something.  The Padlet seems to alleviate that somewhat. Those students who are anxious about speaking in front of everyone can add a note to Padlet anonymously.  As a result, I would get far more keyword suggestions than I would when using the whiteboard.